Welcome to Igiri Books! This site, essentially a blog, unfolded after my first book, Njànsí,  was launched in 2011 (published in 2010). Here, I am giving readers a point of contact with me and my books as they come. Here, you can preview my books, make comments and even get copies for yourself via third party online book stores.

I will share my thoughts on writing, interesting events in my journey as an author, as well as other issues that may come up related to my books or writing generally. Once in a while, I definitely will post topics that are of public interest as well as write-ups from other authors or friends. I also look forward to making more friends through discussions that will ensue in response to my posts.

Finally and most importantly, I hope other people will be inspired to pursue their own dreams in whatever is their area of interest. I certainly will be willing to challenge, assist and participate in your own success as you pursue your dreams. If you would like to publish your thoughts or your success story on this site, just send an email to info@igiribooks.com or send your request through the Contact Us page. We will be glad to assist.